Vessel LCL Cargo Closing Departure ETA Hamburg ETA Warehouse Delivery
COSCO SHIPPING TAURUS V.002W 10-Apr-18 18-Apr-18 30-May-18 1-Jun-18 2-Jun-18
COSCO PORTUGAL V.19W 17-Apr-18 25-Apr-18 06-Jun-18 8-Jun-18 9-Jun-18
COSCO NETHERLANDS V.022W 24-Apr-18 02-May-18 13-Jun-18 15-Jun-18 16-Jun-18
CSCL SATURN V.050W 1-May 9-May 20-Jun 22-Jun-18 23-Jun-18
COSCO SPAIN V.021W 8-May 16-May 27-Jun 29-Jun-18 30-Jun-18
CSCL URANUS V.066W 15-May 23-May 4-Jul 6-Jul-18 7-Jul-18
TBA 22-May 30-May 11-Jul 13-Jul-18 14-Jul-18
COSCO ITALY V.020W 29-May 6-Jun 18-Jul 20-Jul-18 21-Jul-18

We reserve the right to change the above information without notice due to circumstances beyond our control.