Policies and Agreements

Freight and operations:

To keep our customers updated with accurate data and schedules, we collect information for each shipment that has been running through our system. That information, including handwritten material, printed documents and electronic data, is considered company asset. Our systems are protected against unauthorized access and data loss.

Customer information:

Worldtrans Air-Sea Service A/S does not sell, trade or rent specific customer information to a third party. This includes our account numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.


Some applications on our website worldtrans.dk are password protected and require a login. We collect information from registered users of these applications for internal marketing and communication with registered users.

In this and other cases, we use Cookies, as described below. The information can also be used in accordance to agreements for the use of, and access to specific applications.


We place safety checks on incoming information and content on our website and on the information we send out. Worldtrans Air-Sea Service A/S website ensures to provide our customers fast access to information about their shipments, while customer data is protected and kept confidential.

Traffic on worldtrans.dk can be tracked to help us improve the website. Individual information about the user will not be shared with a third party.


Cookies are small text files sent by a website to the user's browser on the hard disk, used to improve performance, support and the production of specific applications. We do not use cookies to examine the user's computer.


We have implemented our new data policy, which follows the rules for handling personal data. In the policy you can read more about what information we collect, how we handle your information and for how long we keep information about you, etc. You should read this policy and contact us if there is information in the policy that you cannot accept. On this page, you will be able to find the current version of the policy at any time.


Your use of worldtrans.dk means that you accept Worldtrans Air-Sea Service A/S privacy policy. Worldtrans retains the right to, in discretion, to change, add or remove portions of this policy.


All our agreements are in relation to Danish Freight Forwarders Association General Conditions NSAB2015. See rules here
We are a member of the Danish Freight Forwarders Association